With temperatures heating up in Eastman, Georgia, making sure your air conditioner is running efficiently is crucial. An efficient cooling system is vital to maintaining a comfortable temperature and lowering your monthly utility bills. Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can boost AC efficiency this summer.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

One of the quickest ways to get your cooling system back to its peak performance is by scheduling a AC tune-up. When you don’t have regular service on your system, it can become dirty and clogged with debris. As a result, it’ll work harder to produce the same level of cooling. The harder your system works, the more energy it’ll use. During a maintenance visit, your service technician will also check for any possible repairs.

Keep Your Curtains and Blinds Drawn

When the sun is at its hottest, you can reduce the amount of heat the sun’s rays let into your home by blocking it out. Invest in dark shades or curtains, and draw them closed in the afternoon. By helping to reduce the temperature in the room, you’ll give your AC unit a little bit of a break.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re still fighting with a manual thermostat to help keep your home a consistent temperature throughout the day, you’re missing out on a simple and major tool that can help to improve the efficiency of your system. Consider installing a programmable thermostat. By doing so, you’ll be able to create programs that use less energy when you’re away from home. As a result, you’ll lower your energy bills.

Clear Around the Outdoor Unit

Because of its location outside, the outdoor AC unit gets dirty sometimes. When debris, dirt and leaves get into this system, it can cause damage and slow its function, making it use more energy to work. Keep the area around your unit free of branches, tall grass and bushes. As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of it becoming clogged and further damage.

Add a Dehumidifier to Your Home

Your cooling system works hard to remove the humidity in the air and provide cooler temperatures. But when humidity levels are extremely high, it can mean your system will have to work much harder to remove it from the air. Consider adding a dehumidifier to your home so that it can take some of the burden off your air conditioner.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Out of the Sun

Ideally, your air conditioner should sit on the north side of your home to help keep it out of the hottest rays of the sun. Unfortunately, due to house designs, this isn’t always practical. If your system is in an area that gets an intense amount of sun during the day, it can be beneficial to shade it so that it can run more efficiently.

Consider planting some trees or shrubs around your unit so they can take advantage of the shade it provides. Just make sure you can access every part of the unit and that the new landscaping won’t cause debris to fall into the outdoor unit.

Clean Your Vents and Registers

To keep your AC unit running efficiently, you need to make sure there’s nothing stopping the airflow through your home and system. One way to improve the airflow in your home is to make sure nothing blocks your vents or registers. Use a vacuum brush attachment to remove the buildup of dirt and dust that accumulates on and around your vents. Also, make sure that your vents are open in every room.

Change Your Filter Regularly

A dirty filter can restrict the airflow in your AC system. It can also lead to damaged parts and breakdowns. Change your air filter every 30 to 90 days to ensure proper airflow. As a result, you’ll avoid higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

Don’t let the poor efficiency of your cooling system leave you with high energy bills. Contact us at 478-298-4115 today. Pruett Air Conditioning will get your AC system tuned-up and operating efficiently again.

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