High-quality indoor air is essential for your home comfort and improving your health. There are various ways and products that you can use to improve the quality of your indoor air supply. Read on to learn about the various indoor air quality solutions available for homeowners in Warner Robins, GA.

Humidifiers vs. Dehumidifiers

Firstly, it’s vital to maintain a healthy humidity level in your home for proper health. Humidifiers help add moisture to your indoor air when it’s extremely dry during the winter months. Dry air can lead to discomfort and health effects such as skin irritation, bloody noses, cold and flu symptoms, an itchy throat and cracked lips.

On the other hand, a dehumidifier eliminates excess moisture in the air when it’s too humid. Excess moisture in your indoor air encourages the growth of biological contaminants that may cause allergies and asthma attacks.

Heat usually increases the humidity level in your home, making a dehumidifier more ideal. In the cold season, the humidity level is low. A humidifier can help increase moisture and improve your comfort. You can opt to install portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers throughout your home or whole-house systems.

Air Cleaners vs. Air Purifiers

Indoor air is full of dust, dirt and other pollutants that may cause serious health problems. Air purifiers sanitize the air by emitting negative ions, ozone, utilizing heat or UV light. They help to kill airborne pathogens that trigger allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Air cleaners filter the air to trap dust, dirt, pet dander and other air contaminants. You can determine their effectiveness by clean air delivery rate CADR or by the number of clean air exchanges per hour. They only filter large air particles of over 0.3 particles.

Ozone gas is toxic in large amounts, but a small amount can help purify the air inside your home since it’s a strong oxidizing agent. UV air purifiers use high-intensity UV lamps to fry the DNA of micro-organisms in the air.

The iWave Air Purifier

The iWave is an air purifying device that produces ions to eliminate allergens, pollen, particles, smoke and odors to improve your indoor air quality. It uses a technology called needle-point bi-polar ionization to produce the same amount of positive and negative ions. The ions then break down air pollutants into harmless compounds like carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and oxygen.


Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) uses the heat in the stale exhaust air to preheat incoming outdoor air. This helps to save money on bills by reducing the energy required to heat incoming air. Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) captures humidity from the incoming air to keep it on the same thermal envelope side.

These systems help remove contaminants such as carbon monoxide, toxic chemicals and toxic building materials. HRV is a good option if you are living in a humid environment, while ERV is suitable for cold environments.

Mechanical vs. Natural Ventilation

Ventilation allows fresh incoming air to replace stale indoor air. Mechanical ventilation helps to improve the quality of your indoor air by removing odors and other pollutants. These products supply fresh air through fans and ducts throughout your home.

Natural ventilation relays on windows, doors or the roof to provide fresh air into your home. This is a cost-effective way to improve the quality of your indoor air. This also helps to eliminate bad odors in your home.

Mechanical ventilators offer more control of the source and amount of outdoor air entering your home. This ensures that air coming into your home is not from undesirable areas. Mechanical ventilation provides proper airflow along with appropriate sources for intake and proper location for exhaust.

Indoor House Plants

Lastly, indoor house plants are essential in improving the quality of your indoor air. Plants take in carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen.

However, you should not over-water the house plants as this will increase the humidity level in your indoor air. This can lead to the growth of biological contaminants that can affect your health.

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