Without regular maintenance from a professional, your heating and air conditioning system won’t remain efficient, and your Macon, Georgia, office’s utility bills will get higher. A convenient preventative maintenance plan reminds customers when it’s time for an inspection. Also, many HVAC maintenance tasks are too complicated for business owners to take care of them on their own. Regular maintenance saves energy, prevents expensive, inconvenient breakdowns, keeps employees and customers comfortable, and improves indoor air quality.

Increase Energy Savings

When you have your office’s HVAC system checked by a professional, you increase the likelihood that it will work at its peak efficiency. Repair any problems that waste energy, even if they seem to minor so that you can save money on your company’s utility bills. You can also save energy by having debris removed from outdoor or rooftop HVAC units regularly. Leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, and other items could block your system’s airflow, which increases expenses and even cause a breakdown. For more energy savings, keep temperature readings accurate by protecting your thermostat from sunlight or heat-generating equipment.

Have Fewer Breakdowns

Regular inspections for your HVAC system are necessary to prevent equipment failure, especially when you compare the cost of a new heater or air conditioner. If you catch a problem early, you can usually have it repaired quickly and easily. Offices that neglect HVAC maintenance could experience an unexpected breakdown, a disruption in workflow, and the need to pay thousands of dollars for a new heater or air conditioner. However, even a very well-maintained system will need a replacement eventually. You may need a new system if your office has an older, less efficient HVAC system or the current system has frequent breakdowns.

Increase Comfort

Poor or infrequent maintenance can result in air conditioning failures that make your office hot and humid or dry and chilly. When employees are uncomfortable, they make more mistakes and can be irritable and less productive. In conditions that are too cold or too hot, your employees’ performance will be affected.

Many common HVAC problems could make areas in your office drafty or stuffy, and employees and customers could notice a distracting noise or a bad smell without regular maintenance. Many offices are installing independent climate systems with small heating units and air vents in cubicles. That way, employees can regulate temperatures in their areas, so their productivity is not affected.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Regular maintenance, like cleaning and sealing ductwork and changing the air filter, can keep your indoor air quality at an optimum level. Sealing ductwork gets rid of leaks and makes heating and air conditioning systems more efficient. A thorough cleaning will get rid of cobwebs, mold, and pest droppings that could affect the performance of your HVAC system and spread pollutants through your office. Many modern thermostats have an air filter monitor and can send alerts or reminders to your smartphone, tablet, or computer when it’s time to change your air filter.

Indoor pollutants can aggravate allergies and asthma and cause flu-like symptoms. Healthier, cleaner air will make people more productive and reduce the number of sick days people take, increasing profits, and lowering health care expenses. Better indoor air quality also prevents your HVAC system from working too hard and can help to enhance its operating life.

If your office is humid, employees will feel warm and sluggish. Excess indoor moisture can also lead to mold growth on walls, carpets, insulation, and other places throughout the office. Getting rid of mold is expensive since many materials have to be replaced instead of cleaned. A dehumidifier can make employees more comfortable and prevent further mold growth.

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