Running a business is stressful. Staying under budget, hitting deadlines, and keeping employees (and investors) happy is enough to keep you up at night. Things only get worse when you come into your Macon, Georgia, office one morning to find it muggy and warm. Why didn’t the AC do its job? Because for whatever reason, it coughed its last breath during the night. HVAC failure can be caused by a host of issues, but knowing the most common commercial HVAC repairs can help you avoid the added stress and discomfort.

Eliminating a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner. Heat transfers from the refrigerant liquid, cooling it, before air is blown over the refrigerant and into your office space. However, the pipes carrying the precious refrigerant can leak, meaning that your machine will just produce room temperature air, which will quickly be swallowed by the wet heat of the Georgia summer.

Addressing Strange Noises and Odors

No matter where you are, whether it be the office, home, or your car, sounds and smells that are out of the ordinary are never a good sign and always necessitate immediate attention. Two of the most common unnatural sounds that we address are hissing and squealing noises. A hissing sound usually indicates a leaking compressor, while the squealing most often leads us to a bad fan belt. Both issues require immediate attention if you have any hope of staying cool.

Fixing a Case of Insufficient Cooling

Our techs commonly receive calls about office spaces not being as cool as they used to be, despite assurances that the thermostats are at the same setting. Suddenly insufficient cooling can point to a variety of problems, from a clogged air filter or faulty thermostat to a system that simply isn’t sized correctly for the needs of the office.

If you think your HVAC system may be in need of one or more of these common repairs, the good news is that a little professional maintenance will leave things better than they were before. To fight off discomfort and expensive HVAC replacement, call Pruett Air Conditioning today at 478-225-4921.

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