Summer is almost over, but the heat of Macon, Georgia, might not be. On hot days, you deserve to enjoy every bit of cool air that leaves your HVAC unit. Unfortunately, some of the air that leaves your AC never makes it to your living space. This lost air leads to reduced comfort and energy waste. But don’t worry! You can take control and keep cool air where it belongs by sealing off certain areas of your home. Here are three easy ways to keep cool air inside.

Seal Your Attic

Gaps in attic floorboards, around plumbing pipes, and around outlet boxes or recessed lighting, make a perfect place for air to escape. Fortunately, these leaks are relatively easy to seal. Start with the floor by laying down rolls of blanket insulation. Next, spray expanding foam around plumbing pipes and outlet boxes. If you have large gaps around recessed lighting cans, it may be easier to install new, tighter lights. Finally, finish sealing off your attic by putting weather stripping along the frame of the entry hatch.

Seal Your Windows

Cool air also finds an easy escape through gaps between windows and their frames. Place an extra layer caulk where the window meets the frame. Weatherstripping is another inexpensive and effective option. Some older windows don’t completely close and seal. If this is the case, to keep air from escaping, consider installing new windows.

Seal Around Doors

Some doors significantly expand or contract depending on the weather. Others don’t fit their frame quite right. In both of these cases, air is lost between the door and frame. Place weatherstripping along the doorframe, and you’ll seal off any potential leaks.

Take control of the air in your home by keeping the cool air inside. All it takes is a few hours, and your home will be sealed, comfortable, and efficient. For more help with improving the efficiency of your air conditioner, give Pruett Air Conditioning a call today at 478-225-4921.

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