A ductless mini split system is perfect for keeping your Eastman, Georgia home cool in the summer because it provides comfortable zoning control at a relatively low monthly energy cost. However, to maximize your zoned comfort and keep your summer energy bills low, regular ductless mini split maintenance is necessary.

Maintaining Your Ductless System

Like any other HVAC system, your ductless mini split system needs regular maintenance. When you combine your own cooling system maintenance with a yearly maintenance by a trusted HVAC professional, you will ensure that your mini split will perform at its peak. Also, by maintaining your system on a regular basis, you can extend its life. Clean your filters once a month. With clean filters, you’re assured comfortable and healthy indoor air. Also, when you don’t have clean filters, the performance of your system is more likely to be affected. If your mini split has replaceable filters, make sure you change them as needed. Your HVAC technician will handle more complex tasks including:

  • Cleaning the evaporator coil – It’s a good idea to have the mini split’s vaporator coil inspected once a year to remove dirt and debris.
  • Cleaning outdoor unit – You can ensure there is no landscaping growing near the outdoor unit. Your technician will be able to remove anything caught within the condenser and check for, and repair any damage. This is important as damage and debris can affect air flow.
  • Checking drainage – Your technician will also inspect the condensate drain pan. Water in the drain pan could indicate clogging, which can result in water damage and increased risk of mold growth.
  • Checking the condensing unit – This includes the refrigerant lines and insulation wraps, and checking to make sure it’s firmly mounted on the base.

Reap the Benefits

Skipping maintenance will only cost you more in the long run. Even if your system seems to be working properly, your HVAC technician could discover developing problems and fix these before they lead to more expensive repairs or system breakdown. Regular maintenance also leads to better performance and energy savings.

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