Most furnaces have more than one setting to choose from. Did you know choosing the wrong one can increase your heating expenses? It can also impact indoor comfort levels. Keep reading to learn if AUTO mode makes it easier to heat your home in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Understanding the HVAC Settings

On your thermostat, you pick the "Heat" mode to heat your home and the "Cool" mode to cool your home. In addition to "heat" and "cool," you also have to select a setting for the fan. You can set it to "On" or "AUTO." When the fan is set to "On," it’ll run continuously. From an indoor air quality perspective, this is good because it constantly filters and cleans the air. As a result, you breathe fresher air around the clock.

Setting the fan to "On" also means the system is evenly distributing air throughout the home on a continuous basis. On the downside, running the fan 24-7 can increase your energy expenses. Moreover, it may cost you an additional $400-plus a year if you set the fan to "On."

Setting the Fan to AUTO

Setting the fan to "AUTO" means it’ll only run when the furnace tells it to. A timer or limit circuit controls the fan and instructs it to turn on and off. From an energy usage perspective, setting the fan to "AUTO" is a great way to save money on heating expenses. It also means your furnace filter will last longer because the unit isn’t cleaning the air as often as it does when it’s set to "On."

With the fan set to "AUTO," there’s less heat distribution. Once the temperature satisfies the thermostat, the fan will completely cycle off. This can negatively impact indoor comfort levels because hot and cold spots are more likely to happen.

In most cases, the "On" setting is best, but it’s also more expensive. Your heating needs and preferences will determine which is best for you. To learn more about your furnace’s settings, contact Pruett Air Conditioning today at 478-225-4921.

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