Troubleshooting your boiler is not as sophisticated as it sounds. You are simply going to do a few, simple things in order to identify and possibly fix your boiler issue. For most homeowners, it is a doable task and will help narrow the possible root causes and allow you to describe the issue to the trained professional if necessary. A boiler that isn’t working is a matter for a professional HVAC technician, not a do-it-yourselfer. Boilers generate high temperatures and pressure and produce dangerous combustion by-products like carbon monoxide.

Thermostat Problems

Usually age-related, a defective thermostat may be the source of erratic or inconsistent heating and on/off cycling of the boiler. If your existing thermostat is a older manual model, you may want to ask you  HVAC contractor about having it replaced with a new programmable thermostat.

Timer or Programmer Malfunctions

Boilers that run off mechanical timers may be affected by the wear and tear that any mechanical device like a timer incurs over time. Check the clock dial on the timer to verify that it’s advancing with the correct time. A stuck clock dial usually means internal malfunctions due to excessive wear. If the system utilizes an electronic programmer, check the LCD screen to make sure it’s displaying the correct time and retaining the programmed inputs.

Condensate Blockage

If the condensate drain pipe should become obstructed by debris or ice formation in winter, safety sensors may automatically shut down the boiler. Check to see if the boiler’s LCD display shows a fault code and look for any signs that condensate is backing up, such as leakage or gurgling and bubbling sounds.

Valve Issues

If you’re not getting enough heat from a system equipped with a thermostatic valve, rotate the valve in the proper direction to turn up the thermostat and see if heating performance improves. If the system utilizes a lock shield valve, remove the cover and adjust the valve to increase temperature. If no improvement is noted, call your HVAC professional.

For professional service to diagnose and repair a boiler problem in your Warner Robins or Eastman area home, contact Pruett Air Conditioning.


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