Your heat pump keeps you warm in the winter in Amado, AZ, but perhaps it also keeps you up at night with loud noises. While no heat pump runs in total silence, some noises, such as banging, rattling and hissing, point to a malfunctioning system and should raise a red flag.

Rattling and Banging

These two sounds may signify a loose panel, loose screws or another loose component hitting against the fan blades. These are all relatively minor issues. Conversely, they may let you in on the fact that dirt has built up in the motor bearings.

The bearings may fail if you don’t address the issue right away. Generally, banging occurs when the problem causing the rattling worsens.

Grinding and Gurgling

Dirty motor bearings can emit a grinding noise, too, though one may also ascribe it to the grinding of pistons in a worn-out compressor. If you ignore the latter problem, it may necessitate a new heat pump altogether.

To transfer heat, your heat pump makes use of refrigerant. But when complications arise in the refrigerant lines, such as the presence of a leak or air bubbles, then you’re likely to hear a gurgling sound. It may also emerge due to low refrigerant levels. Concerning ourselves as we do with indoor air quality, we want you to know that refrigerant leaks will harm you and the environment.

Buzzing and Humming

Your heat pump comes with a reversing valve that reverses the flow of refrigerant whenever you switch from cooling to heating your home. Now, the solenoid coil inside of this valve can loudly buzz or hum in some units, but in itself, it may not signify a problem.

We can provide Amado, AZ, residents with heat pump maintenance services and more. With our services, you won’t need to worry about loud noises coming from your system disturbing your peace of mind. Pruett Air Conditioning company boasts decades of heating and cooling experience, so call us today for an appointment and free in-home estimate.

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