During the cold season in Eastman, Georgia your HVAC system works hard to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. This can sometimes result in high energy bills. However, with a few inexpensive upgrades and changes, you can reduce the demand on your furnace or heat pump. You can help to improve the efficiency of your heating system by making a few simple updates throughout your home.


When it comes to keeping heat inside during winter, curtains might be overlooked, but they are very effective. Curtains come in many varieties. Insulated, thermal, blackout – whatever the description, drapes can effectively reduce heat loss during the winter. Drapes should extend all the way to the floor, and should be as close to your windows as possible. Open curtains during the day so the sunlight can help to provide warmth. Just be sure to close them at night.


Weatherstripping is a very inexpensive solution to remedying air leaks in doors and windows. Weatherstripping and door sweeps can help to prevent heat loss quite effectively. Inspect older weatherstripping to make sure they are not cracked or worn, as these items can break down over time.

Space Heaters

Sometimes it’s cold, but not cold enough to use the furnace. Or perhaps only one or a few rooms are being occupied at a time. In these cases, it is a good idea to use space heaters. Even small models can provide a lot of heating power. This is an efficient way to provide heat just where it’s needed so that energy isn’t wasted on heating the entire home.

Chimney Solutions

If you have a fireplace, cold air can come down through your chimney, especially if you have a leaky damper. To prevent cold air from getting into your home through your chimney, have your damper repaired if it’s leaking or install a removable device called a chimney balloon to seal your chimney. The chimney balloon should be removed before using the fireplace.

By taking a few steps to keep the heat inside every room, you can save energy, and save money on your heating bill as well. Be sure to call Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-298-4115 in Eastman, or 478-225-4921 in Warner Robins for all your heating needs.

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