As much as you love your pets, you may not love the way they affect you and your home. Even having just one animal can significantly impact your indoor air quality (IAQ). Learn more about how pets impact your IAQ in Eastman, GA, and when to get help.


The biggest way in which pets affect your IAQ is through their dander, which is a type of allergen. Though you might think that people are only allergic to pet hair or fur, many are allergic to the dander that comes off those animals.

Other allergens include urine and feces along with saliva. These can linger in the air and on different surfaces around your home. Not only do they affect those with allergies, but they may also harm others and make it hard for them to breathe.

Why Cleaning Alone Doesn’t Work

Simply vacuuming your floor and cleaning counters will not remove all the dander and other allergens around your home. When the temperature rises in Eastman, GA, in the spring, you might turn on your AC system to stay cool.

This actually helps trap the dander in your home. Even if you opt for AC repair to make sure the unit runs properly, there’s no guarantee that the filter in the unit will remove all the dander.

What You Can Do

There are a few things you can do to improve the air quality in your home, such as investing in an air purifier. You can run one during the day or at night to remove dander and other small particles from the air. It’s helpful to groom and brush your pets on a regular schedule and give them baths once a week as well.

Improving your IAQ is something that a professional can help with to make sure you breathe easier at home. Not only can you test your IAQ, but you can also learn about the right ways to make it better. Call Pruett Air Conditioning today to attain the air quality you want and need.

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