Your furnace’s efficiency tends to decline as the system ages. Usually, the unit will give you some hints that indicate it’s not functioning optimally. Here are signs of an inefficient furnace in Eastman, GA:

Frequent Furnace Repairs

Your furnace is always busy during the colder months as it tries to keep you warm. It may break down once in a while. However, one of our service technicians can repair the problematic parts, and the unit will be up and running again.

If your system’s efficiency decreases, the unit may break down often. Repair costs can shoot up, making the system expensive to use. Getting a new unit will offer you more peace of mind, comfort and fewer repair costs.

High Energy Bills

If you start getting an unusually high energy bill, your furnace could be responsible. If there hasn’t been any extreme outdoor weather, temperature fluctuations or changes in utility rates, the unit could be operating inefficiently.

Duct leaks, dirty burners, a dirty filter and an aging system will cause your furnace to use more fuel and work harder to regulate indoor temperatures. Regular maintenance helps fix issues that may reduce system efficiency.

Strange Noises

When your furnace’s parts have a problem, you may hear some strange noises you’ve never heard before. Some common noises include banging, shrieking, rattling and whistling. Banging sounds mean there’s a delay in the ignition, while shrieking noises occur when you have damaged belts in your unit.

Rattling noises mean one of your unit’s components is loose, and whistling sounds are due to a clogged air filter. Seeking professional help as soon as you hear these noises helps control the problem before it worsens.

Don’t let an inefficient system reduce your comfort and cost you more money. Reach out to Pruett Air Conditioning for excellent HVAC services. Our service technicians will respond on time and fix the issue correctly.

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