Entrepreneurs in Eastman, GA, know that being a successful business owner is about more than simply making money. Ensuring that customers and employees have a comfortable place to be is one of the greatest responsibilities of a business owner. That’s why it’s crucial that you know what commercial HVAC problems are among the most common and how you can recognize them.

Leaking and Scrambled Compressors

A scrambled compressor won’t create any sort of a visual impact, which means you need to be on the lookout for a change in your HVAC system’s sound. When a compressor scrambles, it’ll begin creating a noise whenever your system turns on or off.

Conversely, a leaking compressor creates a visual issue. Oil pooling around service ports, fittings, solders and valves is usually a sign of a leaking compressor. Since recognizing such leaks takes a trained eye, setting up a maintenance plan for your HVAC system is highly encouraged.

Cycling Problems

In the world of HVAC, “cycling” refers to the number of times that your system turns on and off. You have probably noticed that during the heat of an Eastman, GA, summer, your system runs more as it works to cool your home.

However, a system that has internal issues will turn on and off more frequently. Even if you don’t notice this happening, it shows on your utility bills. A system that runs more frequently uses more electricity, leading to increased costs.

Lack of Maintenance

Sadly, many of the issues experienced in a commercial HVAC system come back to one thing: lack of regular maintenance. Business owners often don’t think of their system until it stops working. You can avoid problems that become widespread and expensive by having regular maintenance performed.

Our team of comfort professionals has been servicing commercial HVAC systems in Eastman, Georgia, for years. Call Pruett Air Conditioning today to find out which commercial services are right for your business.

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