Warmer weather is coming now that spring is starting to arrive. It’s the perfect time to get your HVAC system ready for cooling season. A bit of work now will ensure your home is cool and comfortable the rest of the year.

DIY Task List

  • Turn the system on. You want to make sure it runs first thing. If there are any problems, you can get an HVAC professional out to look at it before the first heat of spring arrives.
  • Change the air filter. This is something you need to be doing every month. When a filter gets clogged, it prevents air from flowing freely into the HVAC system. This causes the system to work harder, driving up energy costs and causing wear and tear that leads to more frequent repairs.
  • Get the system inspected and calibrated. At least once a year, have an HVAC technician tackle maintenance on your heating and cooling system. The technician can verify that it’s working properly, calibrate it for efficiency, and clean it as needed. This will keep the system running longer with fewer repairs. It also runs more efficiently, which lowers energy costs.
  • Install a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. A programmable thermostat will keep your home comfortable when you’re at home but save you energy when you’re not.
  • Have ducts sealed and insulated. You may be losing up to 20 percent of conditioned air through gaps and holes in the ductwork. Plus, if the ducts aren’t insulated, you could be gaining heat every time you turn on the system.
  • Consider getting a system replacement. If your HVAC equipment is 10 years or older or starting to need more frequent repairs, it’s a good time to consider replacing it. Modern HVAC systems can be up to 50 percent more efficient than older, outdated models.

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