You’ve probably seen a packaged HVAC system on the roof of a commercial building without realizing what you were looking at. Packaged HVAC systems are a great option for certain residential properties, especially in Robins, Georgia. Read on to learn how a packaged HVAC system can benefit you.

What’s a Packaged HVAC System?

When you think of central air, you probably think of a split system. The air handler, the blower motor and the coils sit inside your house, and the compressor sits outside.

In a packaged system, the components are all located together in a single piece that’s installed outside your house. Other than the outdoor location and the all-in-one design, packaged HVAC systems work to treat your home’s air like split systems.

The Three Kinds of Package Systems

You can get three types of package systems for your Georgia home:

  • A heat pump
  • An air conditioner plus electric heat strips
  • An air conditioner plus gas or electric heating as an all-in-one unit

The cooling comes from either a water-cooled or an air-cooled condenser. Water-cooled condensers need water supplied to them at all times for the condenser to operate. That’s because the water runs along one side of the condenser. Air-cooled condensers need atmospheric airflow to work, and they’re made of copper fins. They’re more common because supplying a condenser with air is easier than supplying one with water.

What Are Some Advantages?

Package units provide you with a quiet home. Because every component, including the blower, is outdoors, you have no ambient AC noise when your system is running. Package units are also less expensive to install because the process is simpler.

Our service technicians only have to access one area — not two — to perform maintenance on your AC. That area is outdoors and out of your hair. The only time we’ll need to come inside is to look at your ducts.

Does a packaged system sound like something you’re interested in? Set up an appointment with Pruett Air so we can take a look at your home and recommend a packaged HVAC solution. You can reach us at 478-225-4921.

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