You’ll soon start using your furnace more frequently in your Eastman, Georgia, home. As you do, note that there are a few tasks you should complete now and throughout the winter to help it work efficiently. The following three tasks are simple yet effective at improving your heating system’s efficiency and saving you money on energy bills:

Tighten Your Home’s Seal

One task you should complete now is to seal your windows and doors. Air leaks cause heated air to escape your home, making your system work harder to maintain your desired indoor temperature. You can seal air leaks by adding caulk around your windows and installing weatherstripping or a door sweep to your doors.

Clean Your Air Registers

Another task you can complete now to maintain furnace efficiency is cleaning your air registers. Over time, dust and debris will collect in and on the air vents throughout your home. Dust buildup in your air ducts and vents reduces airflow. As a result, it causes your furnace to work a little harder to reach your desired indoor temperature. You can help your system work more efficiently by vacuuming any dust buildup and taking a wet rag to your air vents.

Regularly Change the Filter

One way to maintain furnace efficiency throughout the winter is by regularly changing your system’s air filter. Since your furnace blows heated air through the air filter, a full filter naturally reduces airflow, thus making your furnace work harder. So set a reminder to change your system’s air filter every two to three months to maintain good airflow throughout your home and keep your system working efficiently.

Even the little maintenance tasks can make a big difference. Call Pruett Air Conditioning today at 478-298-4115 to consult our HVAC service technicians on additional ways to keep your furnace in excellent working condition this winter.

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