You don’t want cold weather to hit your home before you’re ready, so now’s the time to start winter HVAC prep. With the relatively milder winters in Eastman, Georgia, it doesn’t take much to prepare your home and ensure you aren’t caught off guard when the first chill hits the area.

Schedule Heater Maintenance

Before you turn on your furnace or heat pump full blast, schedule preventive maintenance to make sure it’s ready for winter. Preventive maintenance will uncover any smaller issues that can escalate when you start to run your heater. Scheduling a seasonal tuneup can also help cut your utility bills by a third and extend your heating system’s lifespan.

Prepare the Interior

Most people think about prepping the outside of the home for winter, but you need to prepare the inside of it too. Adjust your ceiling fans to rotate in a clockwise direction. Swap out your bed linens to a heavier fabric to stay warm at night. Change out your curtains to something more substantial to help insulate your windows. If you feel drafts around your doors and windows, use weather stripping to prevent wasting energy.

Check Your Air Quality

People tend to get sick during the winter, because they spend so much time indoors. Late fall or early winter is the best time to get your air quality checked to make sure you aren’t putting your health at increased risk.

Have a professional test your air quality, and look for ways to improve it. An air purifier might be necessary. Take small steps like vacuuming and dusting regularly, upgrading your air filters, and scheduling duct cleaning.

If you need to schedule preventive maintenance, we’re the people to call. Contact Pruett AC at 478-298-4115 to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to helping you stay warmer, comfier and safer this winter.

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