There are several types of heating systems, and each one functions differently. If you’re wondering which system can work better in your Warner Robins, GA home, during winter, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision. While a professional service technician can recommend a convenient system, you need to consider some critical factors when picking the right type for your home.


Furnaces are a popular heating option for many American households. These units work by heating air and blowing it throughout your home via air ducts. Heating with a furnace is sometimes known as ducted warm air distribution.

Usually, furnaces use natural gas, fuel oil or electricity. Choosing a furnace to heat your home can benefit you in many ways, which includes increasing energy efficiency and lowering service costs.

Installing a furnace is an excellent choice because it can heat your entire home quickly to provide you with the comfort you need. A furnace can also be incredibly helpful if you already have ducts in your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are good choices for heating and cooling, especially in moderate climates. They work by pulling heat from the surrounding air, using electricity and refrigerant.

The heat pump simply moves air from one place to another. The majority of modern heat pumps use air, geothermal, absorption or water sources. Heat pumps can either be ductless or use ducts.

The type you choose depends primarily on your home heating needs. Some benefits of using a heat pump include lower running and maintenance costs and fewer carbon emissions. Most importantly, a heat pump is much safer than combustion-based systems.

Portable Heaters

Portable heaters can be affordable alternatives for keeping a house warm in colder climates. They can also be an excellent solution if your heating system isn’t efficient or it’s too expensive to run and maintain. Portable heaters can be cost-effective if your heating needs are minimal and mostly involve heating a single room, but ductless mini-splits are even better.

Most modern portable heaters use convection methods that circulate air within a room. Others use radiant heating, which transfers heat. Portable heaters can be beneficial because they’re versatile, energy-efficient, safe and have zero installation costs.

Electric Heating

The electric heating option converts electric current into heat. Although these systems are highly efficient, electric heaters can be costly to run.

These systems include quartz-infrared and oil-filled heaters. Electric heaters are typically less expensive to buy but consume a lot of energy to keep your home comfortable.

The electric option can be an ideal solution if your existing heating options are way too expensive to improve ductwork for some areas. While they can be expensive, electric heaters are safe, highly efficient and good for your air quality.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless heating can be a great way to maintain constant indoor warmth. These systems consist of a compressor outside the house that connects to inside air regulating equipment, which also interconnects a mini-split thermostat.

The outdoor system connects the indoor unit through copper tubing lines that circulate a refrigerant via the system coils. A ductless mini-split works simply by taking up air from the room via the air-regulating unit, which is usually mounted on the wall. It then transports the air to the outside system through a series of pipes.

These systems can be ideal due to their flexibility as compared to conventional heating methods. They can also fit in practically any room without the need to invest in extensive ductwork. Most importantly, ductless heating systems are less expensive, yet they significantly improve your home’s air quality.

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