Whether on our blog or elsewhere, you’ve probably already read an article or two about the importance of indoor air quality. You may have even noticed an IAQ problem in your own Eastman, Georgia, home. But did you know that achieving better indoor air quality can be as simple as upgrading your HVAC system? At Pruett Air Conditioning, we offer several HVAC add-ons that can improve your home’s IAQ.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners, also known as air purifiers, may be the most obvious solution to poor IAQ — and with good reason. A quality air cleaner can trap and kill bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pollutants, trapping particles as small as 0.30 microns. For comparison, a human hair is about 75 microns thick, while a red blood cell is 5 microns across.

Unlike portable air purifiers, which only treat a single room, whole-home Carrier air cleaners work with your existing HVAC system to improve IAQ across your entire house. The Infinity Air Purifier GAPA, in particular, has been proven effective against 13 common pathogens and can complete up to eight cycles per hour.

UV Lamps

The indoor coils and drain pan of your home’s HVAC system can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and biological growth. These organisms can affect IAQ in two ways. First, their presence can hinder airflow and lower your system’s efficiency. Second, they can make their way into your home’s air supply, directly contributing to poor IAQ. Fortunately, Carrier offers a simple solution: germicidal UV lamps. These HVAC add-ons use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and protect your home from these harmful organisms.


Of course, the potential for biological growth exists outside your HVAC system, too. High indoor humidity can allow these organisms to thrive, and sometimes running your bathroom’s exhaust fans just isn’t enough. In that case, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier to improve your home’s IAQ. This HVAC add-on can monitor your home’s humidity levels and keep them within a safe, comfortable range.

A whole-home dehumidifier can also discourage dust mites and other pests from making themselves at home. Although kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans and even your air conditioner can help manage humidity, homes that are consistently too humid may need some extra assistance. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier can help reduce the strain on your air conditioner, extending its life and increasing its efficiency.


While some homes are too humid, others aren’t quite humid enough. Air that’s too dry can exacerbate asthma and allergies and cause other issues, drying out your skin, eyes, nose and throat. If low humidity is often an issue in your home, a whole-home humidifier could be the perfect solution. It can add moisture to the air as needed to manage allergy symptoms, make your home feel warmer, and prevent dry skin.


Ventilators are among the least-well-known HVAC add-ons, but they’re also one of the most effective. Moden homes often feature a tight thermal envelope, which has pros and cons. On the upside, a well-sealed home makes it more difficult for outdoor air pollutants to get inside. However, pollutants that originate in your home or that you bring in with you won’t have any way to get out. Trapped inside, they’ll build up over time and wreak havoc on your health.

The energy recovery ventilators from Carrier work year-round to bring fresh air into your home while removing stale, polluted air. For greater efficiency, incoming air is preconditioned using thermal energy from the outgoing air.

CO Alarms

Although a carbon monoxide alarm won’t actually improve your home’s IAQ, it does provide an essential service. A digital display enables you to monitor CO levels in your home and take steps to investigate rising levels. If dangerously high concentrations of this odorless, colorless and tasteless gas are detected, a loud alarm will sound to alert you and your family so you can evacuate.

If you’re serious about improving your home’s indoor air quality, turn to Pruett Air Conditioning. Give us a call at 478-298-4115 to make the most of our top-notch products, NATE-certified service technicians, and expert installation services.

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