With proper care and maintenance, your furnace should last from 15 years up to two decades. While Eastman, GA, has a relatively warm climate, some snow and freezing temperatures are common during the winter and will make you reach for your furnace. Learn some of the top tips that will make your furnace last longer and keep up with the weather conditions outside.

Look for Efficiency Improvements

When your home is less efficient, it puts more pressure on the furnace and can cause it to die sooner than it should. Get rid of the drafts around your doors and any window leaks you find. Drafts and leaks allow more cold air to come inside and lets warm air escape, which causes your furnace to work harder.

Getting rid of gaps and holes and adding insulation can also help. You’ll usually find gaps around your foundation and close to entrances. The best place to add insulation is in your attic or the second floor of your home and in rooms where you notice cold spots.

Opt for Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance appointments at the beginning of each season allow you to find potential problems and ensure that your furnace is ready for the next season. Your appointment can include duct cleaning to clear out debris that blocks the warm air from reaching various rooms. Routine maintenance also involves a full inspection.

If you wait too long to repair your furnace, you shorten its lifespan. An inspection will reveal any clogged lines, bad belts and other damaged parts. Repairing those parts today saves you money on costly repairs later and extends the furnace’s life.

Change the Filter

No matter how clean you keep your home, debris will still build up on the furnace filter. This filter is responsible for catching small particles before they reach your family. When the filter has too much buildup, it needs to work harder to release warm air and keep your home comfortable.

You can choose disposable filters that you replace once a month or filters that last for up to three months. While some filters last even longer, you or a furnace technician needs to check them at least once every one to three months. Changing or cleaning the filter will reduce the work the furnace needs to do and may help people breathe easier.

Keep the Furnace Clear

Whether your furnace is in the basement or another area, you need to keep it clear. Make sure you avoid stacking large or heavy objects around it. This includes boxes of old decorations as well as heavy furniture.

All of those objects can restrict the furnace’s airflow and block your vents. This often causes the motor to overheat and may even lead to its death. Try to keep 3 to 5 feet of space clear around the furnace.

Clean and Seal Your Ducts

The ducts and vents in your Eastman, GA, home work together to circulate the warm air produced by the furnace. Both are susceptible to buildup caused by pet dander and other particles. The vents and ducts may also suffer from a buildup of dust.

This is dangerous because it forces the furnace to work harder to reach and maintain the temperature you want. Hire a professional to clean the ducts and vents before you use your heater. It’s also helpful to seal the ducts.

Use a Smart Thermostat

One of the benefits of using a smart thermostat is that it lets your furnace take a few breaks every day. Instead of running 24/7 to maintain a high temperature, the furnace only needs to kick on as the temperature drops. It uses less power to bring the temperature back up, too.

Another benefit is that you can set up automatic schedules. This tells the system when to run during the day based on the temperature you need. Using your furnace less can make it last longer.

Keeping the area around it clear, changing the filter and opting for seasonal maintenance are just some of the ways you can extend the life of an Eastman, GA, furnace. Contact Pruett Air Conditioning for help deciding when to repair an old furnace or install a new one.

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