An efficient HVAC system can boost your comfort and protect your home from allergens throughout the spring season. Finding the right HVAC company to service your equipment can be frustrating, though. Read on to discover the six questions you must ask an HVAC company in Warner Robins, GA.

Do You Have a Copy of Your HVAC Systems License?

An HVAC company requires licensing to service heating and cooling systems. Georgia’s administrative law has two classes of licensure: Class I and Class II.

A Class I license is restrictive and allows the company to only service AC equipment not exceeding 60,000 BTUs. Class II licenses have no restrictions for the heating and cooling systems that the company can service.

Before acquiring a license, applicants must pass the examination and document their experience in the industry. The HVAC company must also renew the license before the expiration date. The applicant will undergo eight hours of continuing education before reapplying.

Therefore, a license demonstrates the credentials of the HVAC company. Before requesting service in Warner Robins, GA, ask for copies of the necessary documents. Also, check if it’s still valid because Georgia’s administrative laws require renewal after the license expiration.

Does Your Company Have a Liability Insurance Cover?

Georgia’s law also requires HVAC contractors to have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. The coverage will depend on the license type and may vary between $300,000 and $500,000.

Insurance covers your home against liabilities that may result from the installation or repair process. The insurance protects homeowners from third-party claims, including physical injuries and property damage.

Do You Perform Assessments Before Installation?

Before installing an AC system, service technicians must assess your home to determine the correct sizing. Studies show homeowners waste approximately 30% of the energy from heating and cooling systems due to improper installations.

Proper AC sizing involves calculating the Manual J Load calculations to find the capacity that matches your household needs. Mistakes can stress your AC system as spring weather becomes increasingly hot and muggy in central Georgia.

Sizing is just one of the variables that technicians will factor in during installation. Manual J calculations will also consider the number of occupants and the building’s insulation.

Your AC company must include all the relevant variables to ensure the AC’s installation efficiency and durability. Consult our team for more information about AC replacements in Warner Robins, GA.

What Does Your Service Package Include?

Another question to ask a potential HVAC company is what’s in the package. What incentives does the service include? Do they offer rebates and discounts?

Understanding what the service includes will reduce the risk of costly mistakes. Request a written quote to clarify what you are paying for before replacing your AC.

Can You Recommend Energy-Efficient Systems?

The latest models of AC equipment come with advanced features to optimize comfort and efficiency. HVAC systems with variable compressors can regulate temperatures and humidity more precisely. High-efficiency models are also quieter than their older counterparts.

A certified HVAC system service technician can guide you when choosing a suitable replacement. Professionals have the requisite skill and experience to offer recommendations with the best features for your home. Our factory-trained staff can provide valuable insights about how to address indoor air quality or rising utility bills.

Are you Available Immediately for the Service?

When the system is faulty in the muggy spring weather in central Georgia, you want the service to be fast and responsive. The longer you wait to fix issues, the more likely your system will develop further complications.

Ask the HVAC company if they’re available around the clock for repairs or installations. Consider choosing a 24-hour emergency service that can complete the task promptly.

As an EPA-certified and Carrier Authorized Dealer, our team commits to the highest standards of HVAC service. Our courteous and professional staff will answer all your questions and provide written estimates. Contact Pruett Air Conditioning for more information concerning HVAC system installations and repairs in Warner Robins, GA.

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