As the autumn transitions to winter, the outdoor temperature in Eastman, GA, continues dropping and homeowners depend on their heaters more often. You don’t have to compromise comfort to lower your heating bills through the holiday season, though. Follow these five tips to maximize indoor comfort and minimize heating costs this winter:

Change Your Heater’s Filter

Firstly, the filter in your heater works to stop particle pollutants from circulating through the system and your home. It benefits you in two ways. First, it prevents dust, dirt and other debris from collecting on your heater’s parts and in the ductwork. As a result, it promotes good airflow and helps your heater operate efficiently, which translates to lower energy and repair costs. Second, a clean filter keeps your indoor air quality healthy. Change your filter every month.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

If you haven’t scheduled furnace maintenance, now’s the time to do so. Furnace maintenance helps your heating system operate at peak efficiency through the fall and winter months. It helps keep energy bills under control, reduces the risk of a heater breakdown and prevents a premature replacement. Our service technician will:

  • Check blower motor bearings for wear.
  • Brush, clean and vacuum heat exchanger.
  • Remove and clean burners for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Inspect and clean blower wheel – oil blower motor.
  • Check heat exchanger for unsafe defects.
  • Electronically check for carbon monoxide.
  • Check blower motor amp draw.
  • Inspect flue pipe for any blockage.
  • Check and adjust gas pressure for efficient burner operation.
  • Inspect thermocouple/hot surface ignition – electronically check for gas leak.
  • Check for delayed ignition for safety – check and tighten all electrical connections.
  • Ensure proper thermostat operation.
  • Electronically check (temperature difference across evaporator coil).
  • Clean air inlets on indoor blower motor to run cooler – check all safety controls and limit switches.
  • Check air filter and clean or replace if supplied by customer.
  • Inspect ductwork for costly air leaks.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Are you still using an old manual thermostat to control your home’s heating system? You aren’t only wasting time adjusting the device; you’re also wasting energy and money in the process. Smart thermostats offer a long list of features that help you get the most out of your heating system. The best part: You can control your home’s smart thermostat remotely using your smartphone. Here are the benefits of installing a smart thermostat in your home:

  • Program heating and cooling schedules for every day of the week.
  • Let the device automatically adjust to your habits for maximum efficiency.
  • Control the thermostat remotely, even thousands of miles away.
  • Connect your thermostat to other devices within a home automation system.
  • Receive energy usage reports to pinpoint problematic areas of waste.
  • Receive important alerts for changing filters and scheduling maintenance.

Book a Duct Cleaning Service

If your HVAC system contains ductwork, remember that it requires cleaning every few years. If you have a scheduled a duct cleaning service recently, now’s the time to do so. Not only will it help your heating system operate more efficiently, which lowers fall and winter energy costs, but it’ll also improve your indoor air quality.

Don’t Ignore Heater Issues

The sooner you fix a malfunctioning heater, the better. Ignoring a potential problem will only lead to higher energy bills. It’ll also result in higher repair or replacement costs later when you have no choice but to resolve the issue. We offer 24/7 heating repair service to ensure you never have to sit in the cold for too long.

Finally, don’t let the holiday season burden you with higher energy costs. Take care of your furnace so that it keeps you comfortable during the cold weather at a minimal cost. Contact Pruett Air Conditioning today to schedule heater maintenance or another HVAC service we offer.

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