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Like many central Georgia trade centers, Cochran started out as a way station on a mid-19th century railroad. Although the first settlers arrived just prior to the construction of the Macon & Brunswick Railroad, the “iron road” provided a much-needed economic boost for the rural area and led to the development of a nascent industrial center. In fact, the railroad proved to be so influential that town leaders opted to change its name from Dykesboro to Cochran as a gesture to the railroad operative who brought it through. By the early 20th century, Cochran had become the county seat of Bleckley County. It’s now a trade center for the surrounding farmland as well as an exurb of Macon.


Cochran is located just south of the geographical center of Georgia. It’s the county seat and largest community of Bleckley County. Although it’s not technically part of the Macon metropolitan area, Cochran enjoys close economic, cultural and logistical connections to its northern neighbor. The area’s principal transportation thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 23, Georgia Highway 26, and Interstate 16. The rural landscape that surrounds Cochran’s developed core consists of gently rolling fields, stands of virgin pine and marshy areas that host a bevy of native wildlife.

Population and Demographics

According to the most recent U.S. Census count, Cochran has a population of about 5,000. This is sufficient to make it the largest city within a 20-mile radius. Due to its relative size, Cochran serves as a key employment center and has a vibrant swathe of residents, including young professionals, growing families, agricultural workers and retirees. Thanks to a strong school system and a dynamic cultural landscape that encourages community participation, Cochran is regarded as a great place to raise a family.

Things to Do in Cochran, Georgia

Cochran derives immense benefits from its sparsely populated environs. The town is just a few miles from the sprawling Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area, one of Georgia’s most popular destinations for sportsmen. To the southeast, Little Ocmulgee State Park offers camping, fishing and other outdoor resources for members of the whole family. In nearby Warner Robins, the Shoppes at Houston Lake offer a high-end shopping experience that complements the family-owned boutiques of central Cochran. The nearby International City Golf Club is always open to the public. Just outside of town, a Frito-Lay factory produces the popular namesake snack food.

Climate and Weather

Like the rest of central Georgia, Cochran experiences a subtropical climate that’s known for its relatively mild, wet winters and hot, humid summers. During the cooler months, Cochran occasionally sees hard frosts or freezes that can damage uncovered plants. However, frozen precipitation is quite rare. During the spring and fall, warming temperatures and brisk winds can generate powerful thunderstorms that produce minor damage. Summer brings sticky, muggy weather that persists well into September. Fortunately, Cochran’s inland location protects it from direct tropical storm hits.

Air Conditioning Repair in Cochran, Georgia

For years, Pruett Air Conditioning has helped homeowners and business owners in Cochran find the perfect HVAC service and equipment for their needs. With an experienced lineup of NATE-certified, Georgia-licensed technicians who regularly receive supplemental training, the company is capable of handling virtually any heating or air conditioning service job. From commercial installations and historic-building retrofits to routine filter changes and energy-efficiency audits, the technicians at Pruett Air Conditioning are equipped to deliver top-quality service at the region’s most competitive price points. Even better, they’re on call 24 hours per day to ensure that clients don’t experience lengthy downtimes after unexpected system failures.

Pruett Air Conditioning provides on-demand air conditioning repair and is Cochran’s go-to choice for great deals on new heating, air conditioning, and air quality systems. From powerful furnaces and central air conditioning equipment to flexible heat pumps and water heaters, the company’s showroom stocks products that fit virtually every need and budget. With annual maintenance agreements that deliver predictable service and prevent long-term performance issues, Pruett Air Conditioning is committed to delivering the very best air conditioning service during any season.

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