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McRae was settled during the first decade of the 19th century but remained thinly populated and agrarian for the first 70 years of its existence. With the arrival of the Macon & Brunswick Railroad, the city developed into a small trade hub for the surrounding farm communities. The Scottish immigrants who worked its fields contributed a great deal to the area’s culture and economy, including the name of the town itself. By the early 20th century, McRae had surpassed the population of nearby Jacksonville and established itself as Telfair County’s primary business center. It remains a regional hub to this day.


McRae is located near the northern fringe of Telfair County in east-central Georgia. Although the city has a relatively small land area of 3.4 square miles, it boasts ample transportation connections to the region’s larger cities, including Macon, Savannah, and Atlanta. McRae’s biggest thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 23 and Georgia Highway 31. Beyond the historic commercial district and mid-20th century housing subdivisions that cover the bulk of its land area, McRae consists of flat or gently rolling pastures and stands of towering pine trees.

Population and Demographics

Although McRae’s population remains below the 6,000 mark, the city has experienced rapid growth since the turn of the 21st century. In fact, its headcount has roughly doubled during the past 15 years. With plenty of land yet to be developed, McRae looks poised to continue its expansion. Much of the area’s growth can be attributed to a resurgent agricultural economy as well as the addition of several prominent new businesses. The town’s residents include shift workers, agricultural professionals, white-collar workers and retirees.

Things to Do in McRae, Georgia

McRae has an impressive lineup of attractions. Near the center of town, quirky Liberty Square hosts scale replicas of the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Bell. Tourists who flock to these sites often follow up with a trip to the famed Talmadge House on the city’s outskirts. To the north, Little Ocmulgee State Park features a “lodge” with surprisingly luxurious accommodations and a world-class golf course. Fishermen and boaters appreciate Little Ocmulgee Lake as well. The area to the south has a wealth of historic cemeteries, some of which include markers for Civil War dead. Nearby Vidalia remains an important center of onion production.

Climate and Weather

McRae’s climate is characterized by relatively mild winters, hot summers, and ample rainfall throughout the year. During the summer, daytime highs routinely exceed 90 degrees and often accompany still, sticky air masses. Fortunately, cooling thunderstorms and rain showers occur with some frequency during this time of year. Although tropical storm activity becomes more likely in August and September, direct hits occur very infrequently. Likewise, frozen precipitation tends to happen sparingly and usually melts after a few hours. McRae’s transitional seasons are breezy and mild.

Air Conditioning Repair in McRae, Georgia

For years, Pruett Air Conditioning has helped residents and business owners across McRae and Telfair County find responsive, dependable air conditioning service at fair prices. With a dedicated team of experienced HVAC professionals who carry current NATE certifications and Georgia licenses, Pruett Air Conditioning is capable of arranging time-sensitive installations, delicate troubleshooting jobs, emergency repair work and routine cleaning tasks. Its technicians and service professionals remain on call throughout the night to provide uncompromising service during unexpected outages or breakdowns. Even better, the technicians at Pruett Air Conditioning can perform money-saving air quality and efficiency audits on demand.

Although it’s proud to deliver the best heating and air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance in the region, Pruett Air Conditioning is also known for its comprehensive stock of customized and out-of-the-box heating, cooling and air quality equipment. Whether they require a powerful water heater that can keep a commercial plumbing system under control or prefer health-promoting air purifiers that provide year-round allergy relief, McRae residents can turn to Pruett Air Conditioning to fill all of their needs. Better yet, these products often come with long-term warranties that offer maximal peace of mind. For great deals on air conditioning service and repair in McRae, contact Pruett Air Conditioning.

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