Clean air is a priority for your Perry, Georgia, home. Whether you have a family member with severe allergies or you simply want to stay as healthy and germ-free as possible, you need to know the air you and your family breathe is good, clean air. With the right indoor air quality products, you can feel better knowing you are taking care of your family and keeping them as healthy as possible.

How do you know the right option for you? Take a look at the different types of indoor air quality systems and options to decide what will help your family most.

Duct Cleaning

Getting your ductwork cleaned isn’t generally required on a regular basis. However, if you notice exceptionally dusty conditions, you have an older home, or someone in your home has serious respiratory problems you might need to place a priority on duct cleaning. It is also a good idea after you have completed a major remodel. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, a few signs will let you know it’s time for a professional cleaning:

  • An unusual amount of dust and other debris blowing from your vents and registers.
  • You have visible mold on the inside of your ductwork.
  • You’ve seen droppings and/or dead bugs in your ducts.

Our duct cleaning services are very effective. We will remove the various pollutants, preventing them from spreading further and decreasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Air cleaners and purifiers do exactly as their name implies. These products make your air cleaner and healthier, making it easier for you to breathe. They filter allergens and pollutants like smoke, dander, pollen, and more, from your indoor air. The Infinity Air Purifier by Carrier is effective against 13 pathogens including the flu virus.

How does the air purifier work? Air flows through the purifier where filters trap airborne particles. The more efficient the filter, the better able it will be to collect down to even the smallest allergens and pollutants floating through the air. Look for MERV ratings – the higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter.


Too much moisture in your home can lead to mold and water build-up around your house. Dry indoor air can actually make you feel sick and miserable causing sore throats, sinus problems, chapped lips, and more. Humidifiers remove or add moisture to your home as needed to keep the balance. You can buy small. portable machines to correct the humidity level in one room or section of your home, or you can buy a whole house system. The size of your home determines the size of the system you need.

There are several types of home systems that improve the air you breathe. Fan-powered humidifiers blow moisture into your ducts and partner well with your HVAC system. Steam-powered humidifiers use electrodes to generate steam. Bypass systems use your furnace blower to move the air and bring moisture into your ducts.

UV Lamps, Ventilators, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

UV lamps kill bacteria and mold within the moist environment of your heating and cooling system – mainly around the indoor coils. Ventilators remove stale air and bring in fresh air, eliminating the allergens, pollutants, and toxins that cause health problems.

Carbon monoxide alarms are very important and are needed to protect your family from the poisonous gas produced during the combustion of various fuels. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and is very harmful. It can result in a variety of flu-like symptoms and even death. A carbon monoxide alarm alerts you when carbon monoxide reaches unsafe levels.

Here at Pruett Air Conditioning, the health and well-being of our clients is very important. Contact us today at 478-225-4921 to discuss duct cleaning or any of the other indoor air quality solutions we offer.

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