You may be surprised to learn that central air is not the only cooling option for your Warner Robins, Georgia, home. While Georgia summers are known for being brutal, there are a couple of air conditioning options for cooling your home. These are ideal whether you want to replace your current system or you’re building a new home and want to explore your options.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems, also called mini-split systems, are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to central air conditioning. If you are not familiar with ductless systems, imagine a blend of a window unit and central air. These systems tend to be very energy efficient. Ductless systems allow you to set up your home in zones to separately cool rooms instead of cooling the entire house to one temperature.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular in areas with milder climates that don’t see harsh winters. A heat pump is your heater and air conditioner rolled into one. Heat pumps work by moving the hot air inside your home to the outdoors and replacing it with cooler air. Heat pumps are considered to be very efficient in regions such as ours.

Window Units

If your home doesn’t have central air conditioning and the cost of a mini-split system concerns you, a window unit is an affordable way to cool your home during the hot Georgia summers. Window units fit into your window, as the name suggests, and uses electricity to cool your home. Window units are an affordable and energy-efficient option for homeowners. You can choose to only cool specific rooms throughout the day instead of having to pay to cool rooms you aren’t using.

Ask the Experts

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