HVAC systems have come a long way. Many of the new features and advanced technology provide users with opportunities for increasing energy savings. However, the ability to capitalize on what these modern systems offer will depend on how they are used. Programmable thermostats, for example, can make a big difference in comfort and savings on utility bills in your Perry, Georgia home.

Understand Hold and Temporary Settings

Most programmable thermostats have two base settings: hold and temporary. Hold programming uses less energy possible by firmly maintaining the same temperature. Temporary, meanwhile, is for daily comfort and keeps your HVAC system flexible. You should set your hold setting to something efficient based on the season, such as several degrees warmer in the summer, or several degrees colder in the winter. Remember to never leave your thermostat on hold if you are going to be away for long periods, because you will only be wasting energy.

Use Eight-Hour, Energy-Saving Stretches

In general, consistency is the best virtue to have when using programmable thermostats. It is best to set temperatures to last for a least eight hours at a time. Changing the setting before eight hours have passed, or constantly changing the setting throughout the day, only wastes energy. There is also a specific way to program your thermostat based on your daily schedules.

Program Based on Your Activities

This is where you can get creative with your thermostat. You can set your home to be a little warmer or cooler by the time your alarm clock goes off, have it stay on an energy-saving mode for the bulk of the weekdays, and then get comfortable again right on time for you to come home from work. If cooking heats up your house in the winter, you can set it to a lower temperature in the evenings. There are also thermostats that allow you to program temperatures based on your schedule during the week and set different temperatures for the weekend. Some thermostats allow you to program settings for each day of the week.

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