It’s no doubt a horrible time for the furnace to quit working in your Warner Robins, Georgia, home. If the furnace’s blower motor goes bad, you’ll need to either repair or replace it. Opting for the latter sometimes isn’t the best choice. Keep reading to learn more about choosing whether to repair or replace the blower motor on your furnace.

What Does the Blower Motor Do?

The blower motor takes on the responsibility of cycling air throughout the heating system. It pushes the heat generated by the furnace through the ductwork and out through the air vents. Always steer clear of attempting to repair or replace the blower motor for safety reasons. Don’t put yourself at risk of electrocution or getting cut on a sharp component.

Why Do Blower Motors Go Bad?

A lot of dirt and dust in your heating system can cause the blower motor to overheat. Having the heating system cleaned may fix the problem. If the blower motor hasn’t been properly maintained, it’ll eventually wear out. As a result, you’ll need to replace it.

If you notice the furnace is making a humming noise, it could be the blower motor is working fine. But there’s something else preventing it from operating correctly. As it tries to run, it’ll overheat. In this type of instance, fixing the underlying problem is the best route to take. If you replace the blower motor without fixing the underlying issue, you’ll continue running into the same obstacle.

The best way to determine whether to replace or repair a furnace’s blower motor is to contact a professional HVAC service technician. Pruett Air Conditioning specializes in a variety of furnace installation, repair and maintenance services. Contact us today at 478-225-4921 to learn more about replacing or repairing your furnace’s blower motor.

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