Sleep is essential to your overall physical and mental health. But what you may not realize is that the HVAC system in your Eastman, Georgia, home can impact how well you sleep at night. Follow these tips to program your HVAC system to boost sleep quality and help you rest easier:

Set the Right Temperature

One of the ways your body knows it’s time to fall asleep is when the temperature cools down. This is a natural occurrence, which is why it’s so difficult to drift off if you’re feeling hot and uncomfortable. If you have a consistent bedtime, program your thermostat to allow the indoor temperature to drop by a few degrees about 30 to 60 minutes before it.

Once you’re asleep, you can allow the temperature to go back up during the summer so your HVAC system doesn’t waste a lot of extra energy. The ideal temperature for falling asleep depends on your individual preferences, but you should aim to set it between 70 and 75 degrees.

Use Ceiling Fans While Sleeping

When it’s hot outside, keeping fans running can make a big difference in your overall comfort level. A ceiling fan can also improve energy efficiency by keeping the air moving. As a result, it can help to keep your cooling bills under control.

Although a ceiling fan doesn’t actually cool the air, it delivers a cooling effect when the breeze touches your skin. By keeping your fan running as you sleep, you can ensure that you’re breathing circulated and fresher air, which can also help keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

Boost Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe in your home can also impact how well you sleep. Congestion, sore throats, and coughing can all impact you if you suffer from allergies and you’re exposed to contaminants in your bedroom. Change your HVAC filter every month and have your air ducts cleaned to keep the air healthy and clean. As a result, you’ll improve sleep quality and create a more comfortable home.

At Pruett Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of HVAC solutions that can keep you comfortable and help you sleep better. Reach out to us at 478-298-4115 for more information.

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