During the hot Georgia summers, your overworked A/C needs all the help it can get. By simply using ceiling fans, you can increase your thermostat setting without decreasing your comfort, and realize energy savings in the process.

Ceiling fans help to keep you cool because of the wind chill factor. Just as winter temperatures feel colder when accompanied by windy breezes, the air inside your home can feel cooler in summer when you use fans, along with your air conditioner. Apart from reducing energy costs, using a fan in conjunction with your air conditioner, means your system will be able to do less work. Less demand on your air conditioner helps to reduce wear and tear and subsequently the need for sometimes costly air conditioning repairs because of an overtaxed cooling system.

The following guidelines can be used to help ensure you have the right fan that will help you to maximize comfort and energy savings:

  • Room size – Install a 29-inch to 44-inch ceiling fan in rooms that are 225 square feet or less, and use a model with a blade span of at least 50 inches in rooms with a larger diameter.
  • Ceiling height – Mount ceiling fans in the middle of the room. They should be mounted at least seven feet above the floor to prevent injury, and there should be sufficient room so blades will not come in contact with walls or other objects.
  • Fan blade size – The larger the fan blades, the better the airflow and circulation. Be sure to choose a size that also complements the size and look of the room.

Your trusted HVAC contractor can help to give you sound advice regarding the number and sizes of ceiling fans for your home. Don’t hesitate to call Pruett Air Conditioning at (478) 225-4921 in Warner Robins, or at (478) 298-4115 in Eastman, for your HVAC servicing needs. We also stock a range of modern, efficient systems for your home comfort needs.

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