Keeping your Eastman, Georgia, home comfortable and efficient is likely two of your top priorities. While choosing efficient systems and scheduling regular maintenance are two vital factors that can improve comfort and efficiency, so is choosing the right thermostat. Smart thermostats are one of the most popular options for homeowners. That’s because they provide many energy-saving features. Check out some of the features that you definitely want to look for when shopping for your new smart thermostat.

Energy Reporting

Many smart thermostats come equipped with an energy reporting feature. These reports won’t only show you where you’re wasting energy in your home but will also provide tips to reduce your overall energy use. As a result, they help you lower your utility costs. You can use these tips to set goals for a greener and more energy-efficient household while also using the data to see if you’re achieving those goals.


If you forget to adjust your thermostat before you leave, the geo-fencing feature is definitely for you. You simply install your thermostat app on your phone and can set a home and away program on your thermostat. When the system detects that your phone is away from home, it’ll automatically adjust to the away settings. As a result, you’ll stop heating or cooling an empty home while saving energy and money.

Alerts and Notifications

Some thermostat models come with a feature that provides special alerts or maintenance notifications to help ensure that your system is running optimally. This can include phone alerts when you lose power to your system. It can also include reminder notifications such as when your filter is dirty and due for replacing.

When shopping for your new smart thermostat, choose one with the features listed above to help you maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Still need help choosing the right smart thermostat for your home? Contact us at 478-298-4115 today. Pruett Air Conditioning will help you make the right decision.

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