A boiler is an essential appliance in your house. But when it starts leaking, it can be frustrating. Here are the possible causes of your boiler leaking water in McRae, GA:

Worn-Out Pressure Valves

Boilers operate at high pressure. When the pressure exceeds the limit set for the valve, it’s likely to damage it. This will lead to your boiler leaking water.

Pressure valves release pressure from the boiler to prevent an explosion. Worn-out pressure valves will lead to leakages because they will release more water than usual.

Damaged Temperature Valves

When the boiler temperatures rise beyond the set limit, it’s likely to cause problems. Temperature valves control the boiler temperatures. These valves require regular maintenance and replacement when you expose them to high temperatures.

Be careful when checking the temperature valves for leakages. You should seek the services of an experienced boiler maintenance company. Ensure your boiler is off and cool before checking the temperature valves for faults.

Corroded Boiler Parts

Most parts of a boiler comprise metals prone to corrosion. This is a common problem since boilers are always in contact with water. Corrosion weakens pipes and storage tanks, resulting in leaks.

Corrosion in boilers will mostly affect pipes and metal valves. If corrosion problems aren’t addressed immediately, they may cause serious damages and excessive leakages in the boiler. Check the boiler pipes and valves regularly for leakages and signs of corrosion.

Boiler leakages are common in homes and businesses. Don’t let a leaking boiler ruin your holiday season. Contact Pruett Air Conditioning to have one of our service technicians inspect your boiler and repair any issues. We’re here to help your family stay warm and comfortable during the chillier winter months. You can count on us to provide exceptional heating and air conditioning services.

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