You might have the skills for some DIY projects, such as putting up pantry shelves or building a deck. But maintenance and repair work on your HVAC system isn’t something you want to do. Below are five reasons you should avoid DIY AC repair in Perry, GA:

Compromised Warranty

While avoiding the cost of having someone else do your repair work for you seems feasible, you should avoid the temptation of doing your own HVAC AC repair work. Doing your own AC repairs and maintenance voids your warranty, which protects you in the event of a manufacturing defect.

Lack of Experience and Training

HVAC professionals have years of training and experience necessary for repairing AC systems. When you lack the training and experience, you spend more time and money trying to repair and maintain your air conditioning system.

Lack of Proper Tools

An HVAC system requires specialized tools for proper repair and maintenance. When you attempt DIY repairs without these tools, you run the risk of damaging internal components. When it comes to choosing between searching for the specialized tools and calling a service technician, the latter is always the wiser choice.

Safety Concerns

HVAC repair and maintenance is one of the most dangerous jobs, as these systems uses high-voltage electricity. Even if you have DIY experience, you should avoid working with electricity because one spark can cause an electrical fire, injuries or even death.

You Can Make Things Worse

Even if you manage not to injure yourself from working with electricity, you can make things worse. You can damage internal components, cause refrigerant leaks or even severely impact HVAC efficiency. If you suspect a leak, immediately contact an HVAC service technician, as refrigerant contains toxic halocarbons that impact your indoor air quality and health.

Don’t risk the safety of your home or family by attempting DIY AC repair. Contact us at Pruett Air Conditioning today for your AC repair and maintenance needs.

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