In many cases, when you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning system, it is best to consult a professional. Before you make the call, however, you can rule out simple AC problems that you may be able to fix yourself. Only undertake troubleshooting if it safe to do. To prevent harm to yourself or the system, contact a professional for anything involving wiring or work in areas that are not easily accessible.

AC Won’t Turn On

This is often caused by a lack of power. Check the breaker switch for the air conditioner and reset if necessary. Ensure the thermostat is set properly as well. If the air conditioner is set at or higher than the room temperature, it is less likely to cycle on or will do so less frequently. If the system still will not turn on, there may be more serious problems such as a failed compressor, which will require professional assistance.

Inadequate Cooling

Lackluster cooling is often due to either reduced airflow or a dirty evaporator coil. Check the air filter and replace it if it is dirty or clogged. Check the supply and return registers to make sure they are not blocked by furniture, curtains or other items. Leaky ductwork could be a factor. Some ductwork may not be visible. For those you can see and are able to access, your fix may be temporary and it is best to invest in professional duct sealing to ensure the problem is properly resolved.

No Cooling at All

If the air conditioner isn’t cooling at all, or if it is barely releasing cool air, the problem may lie in the condenser coil outside. Make sure it has plenty of airflow, and is not blocked by any debris such as tall grass, trash or tree limbs. There should be a least a two-foot path around the unit. Your technician will be better able to remove anything caught within the unit.

If your AC troubleshooting efforts don’t get your cooling system running smoothly, contact Pruett Air Conditioning for professional AC repair and maintenance. Call us at (478) 225-4921 in Warner Robins, and at (478) 298-4115 in the Eastman area.

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