A warm, temperate climate is one of the best things about life in the “Peach State.” When you live in the heart of Georgia, however, you’re likely to face periods of extreme weather too. From heat waves to ice storms, residents of Eastman, Georgia, are certainly familiar with extreme weather conditions. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an HVAC system that responded to your needs effectively no matter the weather? For many Georgians, the best option for indoor comfort is an energy-efficient heat pump.

A Comfort Solution for Every Application

When shopping for a new AC system, it’s easy to overlook a product with the word “heat” in its name. In fact, these versatile devices work much like conventional air conditioners, capturing heat from the air and “pumping” it outside. Models designed with a reversing valve can change the direction of the flow of heat, moving heat indoors in winter. Whether paired with a furnace or installed as an all-in-one system, there’s a high-efficiency heat pump to meet every comfort need.

Energy-Efficient Operation

A dual-purpose pump that provides both heating and cooling uses significantly less energy than separate systems. You could cut your heating expenses in half! Cooling and heating efficiency are reflected in the product’s energy ratings. High-tech features help to optimize performance too:

  • Heating efficiency is measured by the Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF), which compares electrical consumption to the pump’s heating output.
  • The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures cooling efficiency by comparing electrical usage to the amount of cooling produced.
  • Advanced features like variable-speed compressors and blowers adjust operation to conserve energy when heating or cooling demands are low.

Quick Tip! Keep in mind that systems with higher efficiency ratings generally cost more. Ask your trusted HVAC technician to help you calculate long-term savings.

Comfort Systems from Pruett Air Conditioning

The heating and cooling efficiency of a heat pump makes it a great choice for homes in Middle Georgia. At Pruett Air Conditioning, our broad selection ensures you’ll find the ideal option. For more information about our products and services, explore our HVAC solutions or call 478-298-4115.

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