If your heater or air conditioner is more than a decade old, you can save energy and help the environment by replacing it with a more efficient model. By doing so, you can avoid a sudden breakdown, increase the value of your Macon, Georgia, home, and reduce your utility bills. You might also be eligible for government tax incentives. For excellent efficiency, choose from one of these exceptional HVAC systems.

Ductless HVAC Systems

A ductless or mini-split HVAC system has an outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handling units. A small conduit transfers refrigerant between them, so you don’t need ductwork. Many indoor units hang on the wall or ceiling, so they don’t take up space in attics or closets like traditional systems.

With a programmable thermostat, you can choose different temperature settings for separate indoor units. That means you won’t have to heat or cool unoccupied rooms or zones. Also, you won’t lose conditioned air through leaks in ductwork.

Packaged HVAC Systems

All the parts of a packaged system are in one casing to make installation simpler and faster. Packaged heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces and hybrid systems are available. They come in many sizes, and you can choose a wall-mounted unit, a rooftop system or a window unit.

If you have more than one packaged system, you can control different zones like a ductless system. They’re more efficient because their parts are closer together, and malfunctions that waste energy are less likely.

Variable-Speed HVAC Systems

A variable-speed HVAC system includes a fan that can change its speed incrementally to match your needs. It’s quieter, and it doesn’t use as much energy as a system that always runs at full speed. It can also keep your home at a more constant temperature and a lower humidity. The continuous airflow will improve your indoor air quality by moving more air through the filter as well.

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