Eastman, Georgia, is known for its humid climate, and some of that airborne moisture is bound to end up inside your home. High humidity compromises your HVAC system’s performance and lowers your indoor air quality. A whole-home dehumidifier gives your air supply the boost it needs. Discover three ways a dehumidifier improves your home’s indoor air quality.

Reduces Mold and Mildew

If your home tends to smell musty, especially on hot, humid days, there’s a good chance your home has a mold problem. Both mold and mildew thrive in humid environments, and these fungi can easily grow in moist areas inside your home.

While you can’t adjust the humidity level outdoors, you can certainly improve it indoors. A whole-home dehumidifier monitors the moisture level throughout your home and makes adjustments accordingly. By keeping the humidity level within a reasonable range, it also keeps mold and mildew to a minimum.

Eliminates Dust Mites

Dust mites also prefer moist environments, so if your home’s humidity level exceeds 60 percent on a regular basis, you’re bound to have dust mite issues. Since these critters are common allergens, you shouldn’t welcome them into your home.

Since a whole-home dehumidifier keeps your home’s moisture levels right where they should be, it helps to eliminate dust mites. At the same time, this HVAC component also sends allergy symptoms to the sidelines, so you’ll enjoy a break from sniffling and sneezing.

Helps Your HVAC System Run More Efficiently

At Pruett Air Conditioning, our dehumidifiers are no standalone components. Instead, they work with your HVAC system to reduce humidity throughout your home while giving your cooling system a break.

When our Performance Whole-Home Dehumidifier pulls extra moisture from the air, you’ll feel cooler without having to lower the thermostat. That means your HVAC system won’t have to work quite so hard to keep you cool yet you’ll still stay comfortable throughout the cooling season.

Ready to see just how much a dehumidifier can improve your home’s indoor air quality? Call Pruett Air Conditioning today at 478-298-4115.

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