Traditional thermostats simply enable you to manage indoor temperatures and humidity. Today’s models do much more and are designed to enhance efficiency and convenience. If you are still using an old-fashioned model, it is time to consider the energy-saving and convenience benefits that a programmable thermostat can provide for your Eastman, Georgia, home.

Take Advantage of Interactive Technology

You love browsing the Internet and checking email on your tablet or on your smartphone. Thanks to technological upgrades, you can now include thermostat control in that experience. Many programmable thermostats feature touchscreen interfaces that mimic the functionality of your favorite gadgets. WiFi models allow you to control and make changes to your thermostat’s settings even when you are away from home.

Minimize the Morning Rush

It is recommended that you set your thermostat according to your daily activities. If you have a manual thermostat you will need to adjust your thermostat before leaving in the mornings to prevent energy waste while you are out. There can be much to do in the mornings before you get out the door, and it is easy to forget to change your settings. A programmable thermostat eliminates that morning ritual because it allows you to program settings in advance.

Accommodate Different Schedules

Apart from setting your thermostat according to activities, you can also program settings to accommodate different schedules for members of your household. You can program different settings for each day of the week if needed. Effectively using your programmable thermostat will ensure that temperature settings are optimized for comfort around the clock.

Receive Reminders

Are you always forgetting to change the air filter or replace the thermostat’s batteries? A programmable thermostat delivers reminders for those small but important maintenance tasks. Think of it as an HVAC personal assistant that never lets you down. Some even display up-to-date weather information and other data to help you stay organized and prepared.

Installing a programmable thermostat represents a relatively minimal cost for a host of benefits. To have a new thermostat professionally installed or to schedule an HVAC service appointment, call Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-298-4115 today.

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