If you’ve lived in Eastman, Georgia, for long, you’re no stranger to high humidity levels. You may know that a dehumidifier can keep moisture under control in your home. But did you know this device can also lower your household energy consumption? From increasing HVAC efficiency to decreasing your cooling needs, find out how a whole-home dehumidifier can help you save energy.

Decrease Your Cooling Needs

When you turn on your cooling system on a hot day, it does more than just lower the temperature. It also removes moisture from the air. That’s because lower relative humidity makes you feel cooler and more comfortable.

If your cooling system doesn’t do enough to moderate your home’s humidity level, a whole-home dehumidifier can help. With a dehumidifier in your home, you may be able to turn up your thermostat a few degrees. This will help you save energy and money.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

If your AC can’t keep up with high humidity levels in your home, it’s likely working overtime to keep your family comfortable. That means it could be operating inefficiently, wasting both energy and money.

When you call the Pruett Air Conditioning team to install a Performance Whole-Home Dehumidifier DEHXX, you can look forward to increased HVAC efficiency. After all, this whole-home dehumidifier works seamlessly with your HVAC system,. It’ll help improve its performance, ensuring it runs as efficiently as possible.

Eliminate the Need for Portable Dehumidifiers

If you have a few portable dehumidifiers stationed around your home, you know that these units tend to run up your electricity bill, and they don’t provide even humidity control throughout your home. Since a system like the Performance DEHXX connects with your HVAC system and offers whole-home humidity control, you can recycle the portable units and start saving energy.

Can’t seem to get humidity under control in your home? Call Pruett Air Conditioning today at 478-298-4115 to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions and whole-home dehumidifier options.

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