In the warm climate of the Warner Robins and Eastman areas, energy-efficient window treatments keep you more comfortable and help you lower energy bills, too. With so many options available, it won’t be hard to find something that suits your tastes and fits your budget.

Options for Window Treatments

  • Blinds – Simple as they may seem, interior blinds are one of the most effective window treatments for blocking summer heat. When fully closed and lowered, blinds can stop around 45 percent of the heat coming through a window. They also stop some heat loss in winter, although they’re less effective for this. Because blinds are more adjustable than drapes or shades, they let you control exactly how much light gets through.
  • Dual shades – The combination of a light, reflective side and a dark, heat-absorbing side places these shades among the most convenient energy-efficient window treatments for year-round use. Turning the light side outward in summer deflects heat from your home, while reversing it in winter helps hold heat indoors. Even single-color shades help you control heat gain and loss, so they’re worth installing if you like the look. For the greatest energy savings, install them as close to the window glass as possible.
  • Drapes – This common item of window decor can reduce your summer heat gain by more than 30 percent and cut heat loss in winter by more than 10 percent. Install a cornice and use Velcro to secure the drapes to the wall, and you could stop up to 25 percent of your winter heat loss. Drapes with reflective backings offer the highest efficiencies.
  • Exterior shutters – Another window treatment with year-round benefits, shutters help protect you and your home from summer heat and severe weather as well as keep the winter cold out. To avoid water damage to your home, however, shutters should be carefully custom designed and installed to work with your home’s architecture.

For more guidance on using energy-efficient window treatments or on improving your Georgia home’s overall energy efficiency, get in touch with us at Pruett Air Conditioning.

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