Banging, popping and whistling noises coming from the furnace in your home may be disconcerting, but in most cases, they’re actually nothing to worry about. If you are having trouble identifying the noise or would like to have a an experienced furnace “noise” professional check it out, then read on for more information.

Banging and Popping Noises

In most cases, these furnace noises originate in the ductwork. When the furnace first turns on, the air ducts are cool and there’s no pressure inside them. As the furnace warms the air and directs it into the ducts, the ducts begin to warm and the pressure in the system increases, eventually causing the ducts to move slightly.

In many homes, this movement will be heard as a popping or banging noise. In round or square-shaped metal ducts, the popping and banging noises may be minimal or nonexistent, especially if they’re thick-walled ducts. Rectangular ducts with thin walls are the most prone to such noises, and if the ducts have been recently cleaned, the furnace noises may become louder or more noticeable due to the increased airflow.

Another cause of banging and popping noises, however, can be the furnace itself. Have a helper stand by the furnace while you turn up the thermostat. If the noises come from the furnace itself rather than the ductwork, it may be an indication that the system’s burners are malfunctioning, causing a delayed ignition. Have a professional clean and inspect the burners.

Whistling Noises

Most whistle-type furnace noises are caused by pressurized air flowing over obstacles inside the ductwork or in the heating registers. Try adjusting the registers.

If the noises seem to be coming from around the furnace itself, however, they could indicate a problem with the blower motor or its belt. Make sure the belt is in good condition and lubricate the pulleys and motor bearings, if possible. If the noise continues, call an HVAC professional.

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