Outdoor temperatures can fluctuate in Eastman, Georgia. But you should strive to maintain consistent temperatures inside your home if you want to feel comfortable. Here are three reasons you’re feeling inconsistent home temperatures and what you should do about it:

Improper Insulation

Thin walls and insulation may be the culprit for inconsistent home temperatures. If it seems like you’re not retaining heat, or if some areas of the house are warmer than others, it could be because of improper insulation. Without proper insulation, the air that your HVAC system is pumping out may escape your home. As a result, your unit will work harder, and your energy bills will increase.

Restricted Airflow

Are your vents open all the way? During winter months, some people will close the vents to rooms they aren’t occupying thinking it’ll save them money. However, this isn’t always the case. In a multi-level home, heat rises. Therefore, you should make sure all your vents are open.

Another cause of improper airflow could be your windows. Older windows may let more heat into your house in the summer months, causing your AC unit to work harder. You might also have leaky ducts, which will cause inconsistent home temperatures.

HVAC System Not the Right Size

Another possible reason for inconsistent temperatures could be your HVAC system. It might not be large enough to cool or heat your entire home, so it’s using too much energy. Meanwhile, if the system is too large, it isn’t on for long enough to make all of your home hit the set thermostat temperature. T

here are many factors to consider if your HVAC system is the right size. Variables include the size of your home, sun exposure and number of people in it. It’s best to have an HVAC contractor determine the proper size and type of system for you right at the start.

There could be other reasons for inconsistent home temperatures, including the orientation of your house. Whatever the issue is, it’s best to call a seasoned service technician who can solve the problem for you. Call Pruett Air Conditioning today at 478-298-4115.

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