Eastman, Georgia, can see some pretty cold winters. One way to keep your home warm is to look for ways in which your home may be losing heat. Many buildings experience heat loss or heat gain via the windows. To ensure you keep the warmth in your home this winter, see the following tips for reducing heat loss, and keeping the cold air out. You want to be sure you remain comfortable and save energy this winter.

Caulk or Weatherstrip Leaks

Cold air will enter you home through the cracks or gaps in the windows. A half-barrel caulk gun and latex caulk tube are very inexpensive, and yet could by sealing air leaks, could save you hundreds of dollars over the years. Weatherstripping is also an inexpensive sealing tool, which settles into the grooves of the window on the inside edges to add a better seal.

Window Treatments

Consider window treatments and what might look the best for your home while helping you to save energy. Interior blinds are better for blocking sunlight than keeping heat inside, but closed-weave draperies are thick and surround the window enough to reduce heat loss. Meanwhile, dual shades have a reflective side and a heat-absorbing side, and they can be reversed with the seasons. As long as the reflective side is always facing the warmer area, hot air will stay where it belongs, and you will save energy.

Add Storm Windows

Storm windows serve several purposes. They help to reduce energy loss and they are easy to mount outside your current windows. You can mount them inside, too. Get temporary storm windows so you can take them off in the hot Georgia summers, or keep them on during stormy or cold weather.

These options will save you a lot more money by preventing your furnace from having to work harder to heat your home during winter. Just remember that while fortifying your windows is a great way to save energy, the core of your heating efficiency comes from your HVAC system. If you suspect that it might need repair or even replacement, we can help. Contact Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-225-4921 in Warner Robins, or at 478-298-4115 in Eastman.

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