Warner Robins is a beautiful area, but like all small cities has its share of urban pollution. Combine that with typical indoor dust mites, mold spores and household pest debris, and there’s a lot out there that can trigger your asthma. In the battle to keep lung irritants out of your home’s air, the right HVAC air filter is one of your greatest assets.

Know Your Efficiency Levels

If you have asthma, you need an air filter that can trap the contaminant particles that pose the greatest threat to your respiratory health. These are often the smallest particles because they’re small enough to elude your body’s defenses. To remove these particles from your air, you’ll need a filter with a relatively high efficiency.

A filter’s efficiency is indicated by its minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). A higher MERV means greater efficiency at trapping the smallest particles. Filters with MERVs between 1 to 4 are designed to protect your heating and cooling system, not to clean your air.

While MERV 5 to 9 filters are sufficient for those without respiratory conditions, if you have asthma, a MERV 11 or 12 filter is a better choice.

Your  HVAC Air Filter Options

Knowing which filter design to look for helps you find the efficiency you need.

  • Flat panel filters – These flat, thin fiberglass filters are cheap and disposable, but they rarely come in MERVs higher than 6.
  • Pleated filters – The accordion-like surface of these filters lets them fit a greater particle-trapping surface into a smaller space. You can find these models in MERVs 6 through 14. Those with MERVs of 12 or lower can be installed without the help of a professional.
  • High-efficiency and HEPA filters – Filters with MERVs higher than 12 can interfere with your system’s airflow, so consult a professional before installing one. Your technician may be able to install a HEPA bypass system to provide you with the highest level of whole-house air filtration.

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