How to Improve A/C Efficiency and Save More With Your Existing System

If you’ve ventured outside recently, you know one thing is certain – central Georgia has reached the dog days of summer. It’s hot, it’s humid and, if history is any indication, these sweltering temperatures will last well into fall. Of course, as those of us in the deep South are well aware, the temperature isn’t the only thing skyrocketing in the dead of summer. We’re all also struggling to keep our energy bills in check. Consider a few of our tips to help you improve A/C efficiency and save on your next utility bill.

  • Check insulation and sealing – When was the last time you examined your home’s insulation? In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget such things. However, a poorly insulated home is often a primary culprit in home energy loss. Be sure to check the area between your living space and attic, and pay special attention to windows and doors. Replacing insulation and sealant can help you save big.
  • Utilize ceiling fans – Every Southern home needs ceiling fans. If you’re not moving air through your home, your living space can become stagnant and uncomfortable. Consider a trip to the home improvement store, and invest in high efficiency ceiling or portable box fans. While these appliances still consume power, you’ll find that your A/C won’t have to work nearly as hard to achieve the same cool temperatures.
  • Invest in shades – It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed at how much money energy-efficient window treatments can save you on utility bills. By keeping powerful UV rays from penetrating your home, you can keep your living area cool and comfortable. Not to mention, this solution also helps to keep your home warm in the winter. All two weeks of it.

Using these tips, you should be able to dramatically improve A/C efficiency and save on power. However, if after attempting these solutions you’re still suffering from outrageous bills, be sure to have your A/C unit inspected by a trained professional. Give us a call at Pruett Air Conditioning, and we’ll help keep you comfortable all year round.

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