There isn’t a good time for commercial HVAC repairs, but you can prevent major issues if you know what to look for. Read on to find out more about the most common causes of commercial HVAC repairs in Eastman, Georgia.

Uneven Heating in Your Property

If you have a thermostat installed in your commercial property and your employees can never get the temperature right, the first place you should look is there. When your thermostat malfunctions, the timing and temperature regulations are wrong. As a result, intermittent temperature fluctuations cause trouble for your tenants, employees or customers.

Loss of HVAC Efficiency

If the performance of the HVAC system has declined, you might need a full commercial HVAC maintenance service. In some cases, cleaning the system and removing debris can solve the problem.

You might have a frozen coil that needs replacing. A clogged air filter can also cause reduced HVAC efficiency.

Strange Sounds During Operation

Different noises from your heating and air conditioning system can indicate various faults. If you hear a hissing noise, you likely have a leaking compressor. If it sounds like squealing, you might have a faulty fan belt. A loud, clanking noise indicates a damaged fan blade, and it’s more common if your HVAC system sits on the roof.

Foul Odors Coming From Your System

If your filters are dirty and clogged, it’s likely that your commercial HVAC system will circulate pollution around the property. You’ll need to contact an HVAC expert to carry out a full maintenance, including the replacement of air filters and cleaning of the air ducts.

When your commercial HVAC system isn’t performing well, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-298-4115.

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