Finding an efficient system that fits all the remodel or new construction design specifications of your retrofitted or new home can be a stumbling block. Baseboard electric heating can be expensive on the energy budget, and you still need a cooling solution. Extending or installing air ducts can get messy, and window A/C units may seem like an unsightly last resort.

For homeowners considering new technologies in ductless heat pump systems, the preceding stumbling blocks don’t apply, and here’s why.

Multi Use Ductless Systems

Ductless heat pump multi-split systems provide cooling, heating, dehumidification and zone air filtration in one compact system. In fact, the spaces ductless systems can’t go would be a terribly short list, especially compared to the list of uses they can provide.

  • Versatile installation: Installation takes one or two days depending on the number of indoor air-handling units (AHUs) and the type of mounting options. A small outdoor cabinet may be mounted to the home or a firm surface. A concealed piping system may connect up to as many as nine AHUs. The distance between the outdoor cabinet and the most distant AHU may be more than 400 feet.
  • Mounting options:AHU mounting options include high wall, low wall, wall recessed, floor mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling cassette and concealed installations are possible in cavities behind the ceiling, wall and flooring.
  • Multiple uses:Ductless systems can provide total climate control for one room, two rooms or an entire home.

New Heat Pump Technology

High-tech heat pump technologies that drive efficiency, multiple uses and comfort include:

  • Variable-speed compressors: Inverter-driven compressors process refrigerant to precise amounts for optimal heating and cooling.
  • High-efficiency refrigerant: Ozone-safe R-410A operates at higher pressures than outdated R-22.
  • Sensors: Sophisticated sensors monitor super-heating, super-cooling and top-to-bottom room temperatures.
  • EEV: Electronic expansion valves (EEV) help keep zone temperature within one degree of your setting.

All of these technologies allow ductless heat pumps to comfortably heat homes if outside temperatures drop to negative five degrees and comfortably cool homes if temperatures top out at 115 degrees.

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