The humidity in Macon, Georgia, is usually lower in winter than in summer. Whether your heater uses electricity, natural gas or propane, it reduces the moisture level inside your home even more. This poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, eye irritation, itchy, scaly skin and nosebleeds. You can prevent dry skin and other symptoms in winter by using a humidifier, avoiding long baths or showers, and wearing sunscreen and layers.

Use a High-Quality Humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture to your home’s air, helping prevent the symptoms of dry air. You can place several small humidifiers throughout your home, move one from room to room with you, or hire a professional to install whole-home humidifier in your ductwork. Since humidifiers also make the air feel warmer, they lessen your heater’s workload and help you save on energy costs.

Avoid Long Baths or Showers

When it’s cold outside, taking a long and hot shower or bath is tempting. But doing so can dilate your pores and remove oils from your skin. It also uses more energy.

Wear Sunscreen and Layers

Even though the sun isn’t as bright during the winter, you should use sunscreen to protect yourself from dry skin and sun damage caused by UV radiation. You can also shield yourself from cold, dry air by dressing in layers and warm clothing. By doing so, you also avoid straining your heating system, saving energy and protecting yourself from dry skin.

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