Attractive, energy-efficient landscaping can increase the value of your Eastman, Georgia, home and make spending time outside with your kids much more pleasant. It also helps you use your air conditioner less, saving money and extending its life by reducing wear and tear. You can use landscaping to save energy by creating shade, adding insulation, and using breezes.

Creating Shade

Shade can keep the sun from making your home too warm in spring and summer. You should plant trees on the west and south sides of your home for the most shade. Trees that lose their leaves in winter will still let the sun heat your home in cold weather, but evergreen trees such as pines grow faster. An awning over your HVAC unit can add shade and protect it from leaves, branches, grass clippings, and other debris.

Adding Insulation

Until your trees get tall enough to give you and your family good shade, plant climbing vines on the outer walls of your home or on nearby trellises for extra insulation. Vines on a trellis or a small fence can also help you conceal your outdoor air conditioning unit. Just make sure your system has at least 2 or 3 feet of free space around it on all sides for the best airflow.

Using Breezes

You can cool your porch or patio by directing breezes toward it. This takes advantage of the powerful cooling effects of wind, called the wind-chill effect. Use a fence for immediate wind protection in winter, and then plant hedges and trees. Instead of surrounding your home with fencing or trees, leave paths or gaps so the wind can reach your home in summer.

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