Understanding how the air conditioner in your Warner Robins, Georgia, home functions is vital to maintaining comfort. One aspect of your AC unit that you may be aware of is its fan. When you learn how to properly utilize your AC unit’s fan function, you can better control home comfort and maintain efficiency.

Air Conditioner Setting

When you set your thermostat to "cool" mode, your AC unit will disperse cool air into your rooms. Once the air is out of your vents, it’ll circulate through the rooms until your home feels as cool as the temperature on the thermostat.

Air Conditioner Fan Mode Setting

The fan of an AC unit connects to your indoor air handler. The fan will return the warm air in your home to the condenser. The re-circulated air will come back to the air handler where it’s converted to cool air and dispersed throughout your system of ducts and vents into your home. While it doesn’t work the same way a traditional fan, you can use it to help circulate the air in your home. It doesn’t produce cool air, though.

Using the AUTO or ON Mode

Using the AUTO mode means the fan will turn on automatically when your system is cooling the air. After the room reaches the desired temperature, the blower fan will shut off. This will save you money on your energy bill. But the process may not always distribute air evenly.

When you switch your fan mode to ON, the fan will continue to run even if it’s no longer cooling. This ensures a balanced, continuous distribution of air. However, it may cause problems such as higher energy use, greater wear on your blower fan, and higher levels of humidity in your home.

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